Sunday, 18 December 2016

My Experience with FOSSASIA

I joined fossasia few months back. The journey so far was just amazing. I have met new people and got introduced to the world of open source technology. I have started interacting with people on various chat rooms, got a chance to know more about each and every project under fossasia. So before diving into my favourite fossasia project I would like to introduce myself.

I'm Mehant, studying 11th majoring in mathematics. My passion towards computers and physics is inevitable. I started playing with computers when I just 6 years. I played a lot of games and my interest towards actual coding increased when I was 11 years. I slowly started learning programming languages. I actually started off with Visual Basic, C and Java. I slowly started developing games on unity. Then I got a chance to present my game called "The Wanted" to the NASSCOMM game development contest. I was selected as a finalist twice. My passion for learning never dies. And GCI is one different experience to me. 

As I mentioned I joined fossasia a few days back. I liked the many projects which are active under it. I explored various android apps, chat bots under it. I personally like the GCI website of the current year because it was collaboratively developed by many students under guidance of many mentors. I loved the project for it's high involvement. We are also encouraged to put on ideas possible which make us think creatively. 

Another project which I liked is the susi chat system. It is fun to play with. I is almost close to cortana or siri which I use regularly. And the server giving the data to it. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My first patch to FOSSASIA under GCI

I'm excited after my patch for FOSSASIA got merged. I loved working on github. I learnt git on my own and setting up the environment. I worked hard to get a context on how to use github and git.

The first task which i claimed is about adding a small patch to the gci website with my details which gets displayed later. I cloned the repo and I have added my information to a yaml file and image. I submitted the patch to the main code using git from command prompt. It was very difficult for me to constantly update the existing patch. I learnt and watched videos on youtube on updating the commit and reposting the same one. I took the comments on my code patch and learnt on how the website would work on taking the data. It was amazing. I starred the repo. Constantly tweeted on twitter about my progress. I got nice feedback from mentors @Princu7 @SaptakS and few others. I joined the slack channel and got to learn to how manage to join the channels and sending invite. I learnt how to host github pages which was amazing. The experience was brilliant and yes i have shared this experience with other friends of mine.

Saturday, 5 November 2016



From past few years , I have been watching many people in my life  and found a keen difference in their intellectual thinking and other things related to brain . Actually yes , I saw a wide range of people. But still worrying why there is such a difference in their intellectual abilities . Moreover , I started taking up a certain analysis on such people who differ drastically in their mind functionality.

 I have seen few of my seniors and was extremely wondered. One of them was an all-rounder. She was not only  a good basketball player but also a highly intellectual scholar. Still !! I am worrying how she could do these  things all at once. Yes! another guy who was a well renowned basketball player but couldn't pickup much in his studies.

I started my analysis right from this point. Actually saying you the truth , a normal person has got complete abilities to achieve these all things. The only thing he should do is not to get satisfied for a small achievement. Instead strive hard for further achievements thinking that you are  completely nothing in the society.

I have also got a very interesting point, you may or may not trust me but ' experience and circumstances' actually help you to achieve goals provided what experience and circumstances   your are having . That's it !! you can change your life. I like to share a simple example , if the person is surrounded by thieves and however he is, still if  he is a naive person then he would surely become a thief .

Finally I say it again sacrifice (to gain something later), good experience ( to show that you need to achieve more) and yes you also need confidence as a fuel to your success

Happy successful life
(Game developer)

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Hello, I am Mehant. I really wanted to share this wonderful experience of mine. There I will be showing what small mistake that a topper does before ten days of his or her own examinations.

It is fibruary 20, where I have gone to my school to clear some of my doubts in subject . To my surprise I have seen my seniors in the classroom , consisting of mathametics topper and a gold medalist . I thought to ask them what are they doing present and what are they future plans but I don't want to take suggestions for my examinations. When I was about to go , all of a sudden a couple pwd of toppers ( I mean crowd means just 2 -3) stopping me have gone to meet the ex-toppers.

To my wonder , I saw them asking some tips and suggestions about the examinations. Now I found the very mistake which children do is this.

I thought to my self that if a person want to become a topper then he or she must not take tips from toppers which is completely wrong and waste. Instead go near each failure and understand their simple mistakes which they have committed in examinations such that you never repeat those.

When they came back I asked what they have said. These replied that they said the papers will be very easy and you write as of you like and you get marks . My eyes popped out at this and never heard such a advice

I feel that my principle works on you and show some good changes thank you.

Sunday, 3 January 2016



Hello,I am Mehant.We all know what is knowledge.We also know that it is eternal.
But today I wanted to show you two types of people related to knowledge.

Ultimately, these days study has become an important thing to an indivitual.But in the same way to get that knowledge one must have to work very hard.

Through my expirience , I have observed many things in my life. One such is this ,it is a simple experiment which I have conducted, to show you the change in the way a child studies. There are two of them whom I have given each a simple story. I told them that I would ask them the story after 20 minutes.

Now the time has come and as I have said I would ask them . First child said the same story exactly without even missing a word then I asked the second person where he said the summary of the story in a cohesive manner.I thought that person 1 is a smarter one.

After this I have observed that the child 1 has studied continuosly the whole 20 minutes. Where the second one has completed studying it in 5 minutes.

Then I suddenly asked them to say few lines about themselves.Child 1 started searching in the book where the other one started saying, thinking the topic is quite easy.

All of a sudden , I was shocked and changed my decision that child 1 is not a smart boy but a memorising master without understanding anything. A person tells you to study such that you understand and implement in your life and not to just memorise which is just waste.

So , I suggest that first you stop asking have you gained knowledge and instead you ask have you gained something from knowledge.



Hello,l am Mehant.I just wanted to post some information about sacrifice.Do you know why people really sacrifice things?Thats what I will be showing you today.

There are many sacrifices that can be done. Let us take an example, a player can be a cricketer and he/she must sacrifice his/her study time in order to  practice the game.Let us take Sachin he has sacrificed his study life and kept on playing his game to get perfection.Now he stands before us like a great player.Let us take a singer as our example.We all know DSP in telugu who is a good singer.He has also sacrificed a lot such as money , study life and also some of his happy moments in order to gain  ability in singing.Let us take  life of a topper in education , he or she must sacrifice all most everything such as play with friends, spending time with others, having fun in school, sleep. But instead of these all things they need to become a book worm and to spend their whole life with books.Doing this they gain a lot , firstly they gain merit , medals ,prizes in the field of education.secondly they gain good reputation in school and other educational places.
So my opinion is that , even a dumb person can become famous person by sacrificing things.So if you blindly sacrifice things like happiness  then you will easily reach your goals even if there are impossible.So I suggest you all to play this trick or principle what ever it may be atleast once then you can easily see the results. Finally one caustion this principle works only provided if you sacrifice many which are difficult to sacrifice.